The Malathounis restaurant opened on March 1993. It is situated in the heart of the wine region "Remstal" near Stuttgart. The food at the Malathounis can be described as modern greek, therefore many dishes of the menu have never been seen in Germany.

The restaurant also offers an outstanding complete greek wine list. Anna and Joannis Malathounis are currently regarded as beeing some of the innovative chefs in Germany before. Their creativity and imagination have helped putting greek food back on the culinary map.

The Malathounis is available for la carte lunch or dinner and party hire. The restaurant can seat up to 30 people and can be hired for course meals or we can create a menu together with you.

Malthounis offers a greek cuisine style organized by a greek chef with a wide variety of options from around the world. At the same time it also rediscovered the use of humble product of the Greek earth in the kitchen and redeveloped forgotten traditional recipes.

For further information please contact us via email or by phone 0049-7151-45252.

Visit us in Kernen near Stuttgart, you are welcome.